Mama DIY: Children’s Table & Chair(s)

8 Mar

For the Little Man’s first birthday, I was trying to distract myself from being emotional about how much he had grown, or how I might shed a tear each time he outgrew another clothing size.

I had no idea what to get for him for his birthday and to make matters more complicated, I have deep-rooted rules about acquiring stuff, more specifically useless stuff. We’ll chat more about that someday.  Anyway, I finally settled on the idea of purchasing a table and chairs for him. I usually go to IKEA for this type of thing and was eyeing the KRITTER or the SUNDVIK. One small problem- we now live 229 miles from the nearest IKEA! And while I love IKEA and I could always use a fix, I’m not driving 8+ hours round-trip to Charlotte, NC. While I could order a table and chairs and have them shipped, it would cost $30. That’s 50% of the total order- yikes!

So, I was itching to try out one of’s plans for furniture building but forced myself to be realistic. I don’t have the time available to work with power tools in the garage with a 1 year old hanging around ;). When I came across Ana White’s plans for the Clara Table and $4 Stackable Chair, I thought it was the perfect opportunity.

I was able to follow Ana’s plans and make the table and chair {still have one to assemble} just in the nick of time. I didn’t have time to paint it but as it turns out, I’m kind of glad. He got some crayons for his birthday and demonstrated his art skills right on the brand new table top.  I wasn’t upset in the least, I love the idea of having his crayon scribbles preserved in layers of paint years down the line.



For my next project I’m going to sand, prime and paint first, prior to cutting and assembling. I realize that I’ll have to touch up where I cut but we’ll see if I like that process better.

I used my circular saw {on my table saw table}, Kreg Pocket-hole Jig and cordless drill/driver on that pile of wood with those materials and made both the table and chairs.

Circular Saw & Kreg Jig

Supplies for Table & Chairs

Wood pile for Table & Chairs

Oh, and before I got started I made a table saw cutting jig so my brain wouldn’t explode. I’ll provide more details on that in my next post.


Here’s a super-hot picture of me operating the circular saw and double-checking some deets on my very favorite tool {my iPad}. Though it kills me to print things I won’t need in the future, I think I’ll probably print out some of the plan on future projects.

IMG_1878                       IMG_1879

Some “during” shots: table cuts, chair cuts, table complete, tabletop assembled {left to right, clockwise}.



I definitely have a healthy fear of cutting tools so I’m impressed that I was able to do this all on my own. And, I’m even more proud of the fact that I built my son his first birthday gift 😀 Icing on the cake? He climbs into his chair and sits to play at his table almost every day. Awesome.

Have you built anything that you’re super-proud of? Or maybe have a DIY fail you’d be willing to share? Please share in the comments.


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